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4 Steps to Getting Started with Needle Craft

Getting Started with Needle CraftNeedle crafts can be a unique hobby that both decreases stress and is budget friendly. Additionally, as your talents grow, needle craft projects can be created as gifts for friends and family on holidays, birthdays, baby showers and bridal showers or sold at craft fairs for a profit. Getting started is easy and only takes a few steps. Remember that if you have any questions there are plenty of classes, instructional books and people in your area or online that can help with your needle craft needs.

Step 1 – Select a Needle Craft Project

There are different types of needle crafts. You can choose from crochet, knit, embroider or cross-stitch as some of the most popular options. Crochet is the easiest of the choices, and from there many people choose to learn how to knit. Knitting and crocheting both allow you to create beautiful homemade gifts of clothing, accessories or home goods in your free time. While embroidering and cross-stitch are more difficult to learn, they also produce amazing gift ideas such as pillows, monogrammed bedding or clothing and gift boxes.

Step 2 – Pick up a Starter Kit Geared Toward Your Needle Craft Choice

The easiest way to get started with any needle craft is to pick up a starter kit at your local craft store. These will have all of the basic tools and instructions you need to get started. While there are always more things to purchase, such as different size needles for different types of projects, a starter kit will have the basics so you can grasp how to perform your choice of a needlecraft project. The only thing you will need to purchase with a starter kit is thread or yarn.

Step 3 – Join a Class or Find a Friend Who is Doing Needle Crafts

Learning needlecrafts from the instructions in a book is doable – but not always easy. Especially with knitting and crocheting it can be difficult to fully comprehend the correct moves for the needles and yarn without live instruction. Make it easier on yourself by finding a friend or family member that is already involved in needle crafts to teach you. If you want to make a grandmother really happy, ask her to teach you to knit or crochet. She will love passing along her knowledge and you will have wonderful memories of the time you spent together. That’s how I learned so have first-hand knowledge of the joy it can bring to both of you. There are also classes available for little to no cost at the local library or craft store in your area. Another place to look for classes is through the community college in your area.

Step 4 – Fine Tune Your Needle Craft Skills

As you learn each of the different stitches, types of thread/yarn and needles for your needle craft you will be able to fine tune your skills. This will open up a door to a world of amazing crafts than can be created with your own hands. From intricately embroidered pillows or baby blankets to homemade, stylish sweaters and hats; the possibilities with needle crafts are endless. Needle crafts make great gifts, help relieve stress, are a fun and exciting hobby that can connect you to new people and can even be sold for a small profit.

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  1. Just added you to my favorite blogs. Keep these posts coming!

  2. Emma Stone says:

    I LOVE needlecraft and this kind of stuff is what I enjoy reading about thanks for brightening my day! 🙂

  3. Thanks for the great info…some of the best crafting days I had was when my kiddies where really young and I’d escape from the house 1 night a week to craft alongside my friends who also enjoyed crafting…of course we enjoyed some wine and good food as well.

  4. Faith Jacobs says:

    Thanks for the good post about needle craft. Needle felt is another option as a good place to begin…it can become quite addictive too!
    Cheers 🙂

  5. Marion says:

    People love to be given a gift, especially a hand made gift infused with love…

  6. Nicky O'Hare says:

    Thanks for sharing your knowledge here for the benefit of others beginning on the journey of needlecraft. You’re a gem!

  7. Delightful article about getting started with needlecraft. I’m so glad my Auntie bothered to get me started in my late teens.

  8. Catelyn says:

    I have derived an incredible amount of pleasure over the years from giving simple hand made gifts to family and friends. It beats shopping for gifts all the time!

  9. Susan Pearce says:

    Hey, thanks for writing about these steps to get started. I recently purchased a kit to knit a gorgeous cardigan. I’m just nervous I might run out of wool. I guess though if my tension is correct I ought to be okay.

  10. Amy Mason says:

    In the words of Winston Churchill “never give up!”. While learning a new craft can be difficult, persevere and you’ll get there 🙂

  11. Vickie Schrader says:

    Good outline of steps on your article. Is anyone else like me? I like to knit in the winter and cross stitch in the summer. 😉

  12. Nicole Kirby says:

    Nice ideas here about getting started with sewing craft. Community colleges are a great way to learn in a group for support.

  13. Hello,

    Lovely to see you sharing your knowledge for the younger crafty people coming through the ranks.

    Warmest regards

  14. Yvonne says:

    I would advise people when they are going to select a needle project to make certain it is a beginners project. I liked your writing style.

  15. Deborah says:

    Major thanks for the article post about getting started with needle craft…

  16. Leah says:

    Straightforward steps for a person new to knitting…

  17. Diane says:

    People may like to organize their own group to help those just learning for help and support.

  18. A class is by far the best option if there is one available in your town/city. Teach yourself not only takes a long time but you might be doing something wrong and not realize it.

  19. Esme Summers says:

    Awesome post!

    I began with a kit with cross stitch, best thing I ever did.

  20. Awesome blog full of interesting crafty tips. If your hands dry out when knitting especially; a really good hand cream goes a long way.

  21. Eden Boyle says:

    One outing I look forward to each week is the weekly gathering with my crafting friends 🙂

    Well done on the writing front!

  22. Olga says:

    Having never been successful with crochet I would disagree with the author that crochet is the easiest to learn. In my opinion, it would depend on the teacher.

  23. LeonieBradshaw says:

    Well thought out article about getting started. Thankyou for sharing!

  24. Karen says:

    It’s really great and helpful information that you shared about getting started with needlecraft. I’m puzzled about projects that you can do for a bridal shower 🙂

  25. Penny Gubernath says:

    I like the valuable information you provided in your post about needlecrafting. I would have to agree that it is a very relaxing hobby as well as being worthwhile too!

  26. Marvina says:

    Wonderful blog post thanks. I agree out of crochet, knitting, embroidery, & cross-stitch. Knitting and crocheting are the easiest to begin with. Probably comes down to personal prefernce I would imagine. I strated with crocheting because that’s what my mother taught me.

  27. Cleg says:

    Enjoyed yr post. Initially it is easier to get started by joining a group as you’ve suggested or finding an experienced buddy to help you.

  28. Fajny Kubek says:

    True what you say that making crafts of your own can be done on a budget. I am living proof wearing my multi colored scarf from left over projects.

  29. Helen says:

    As a Grandma myself I feel very honored when I’m asked to give a hand and teach a new skill such as knitting or sewing of some kind.

  30. Wilma S says:

    You, my friend, ROCK! I found exactly the information I needed about needlecraft. What a perfect article.

  31. Betty Jarvis says:

    Very useful how you’d listed everything step by step about getting started with needle craft. Keep up the good work.

  32. Ashley Joyce says:

    My Nana very patiently taught me to knit when I was about eight years old. Looking back now I’m older I can see she must have felt very valued. Thanks for writing interesting articles.

  33. Jannine Larson says:


    Sensible advice for the just getting started person, get it right in the beginning and enjoy a life time of craft

  34. Kelly Boniface says:

    I’d have to say that I can see with my Granny that knitting is what keeps her going and gives her a purpose for getting up each day. Cheers for your post 🙂

  35. Lisa Murdoch says:

    If people are snowed in or for some reason are housebound they could always try free videos online on needlecraft to learn from.

  36. Nothing brings me more joy than creating gifts for loved ones. Keep sharing the love!

  37. Nicole H says:

    Your article reminded me of one weekend a few years ago when me and a group of playgroup friends decided we wanted to make a special dolly for each of our girls who were about 4 at the time so we packed ourselves up and went away for a long weekend and by the end of it we each had made a beautiful dolly that our girls absolutely treasured, in fact my now 15 year old still takes hers to bed.

  38. T Cotter says:

    It’s like anything new, the more you do it the better you’ll become at it. Good work chum!

  39. Tanya Croft says:

    Monogramed bedding is a sweet and personal gift to give to a newly married couple.

  40. Alenka says:

    People really do appreciate hand made gifts they been gifted. I am knitting madly and putting items away for grand children that will come along in future.

  41. Hi there, I like your idea of beginners kits. I bought these for my kids to get them started, with some help from me of course. It was successful and they were very enthusiastic and kept them busy during vacation time.

  42. Natalie B says:

    Back in the days when I first started cross stitch I began with gift cards. Ideal because they were small, simple & quick. Just my thoughts. Thanks for a great site.

  43. Gillian says:

    In my local neighborhood we formed a crafting group of people from many skill levels that has worked well.

  44. What I did, when all else failed because I couldn’t find a group to join in my local area, is I started my own in my street. Today we not only enjoy crafting together, we also swap recipes and help babysit each others kids too. A win win for everyone.

  45. Bridget Hare says:

    Totally get what you say about crafting being budget friendly. Some think of it as being really expensive, which, don’t get me wrong it can be but if you become a good bargain hunter buying yarn etc when the sales are on then you can make cheap useful articles.

  46. B Todd says:

    Hi, good advice about newbies buying craft kits from their local store. Most staff at craft shops are very helpful and will point you in the right direction and help out if you get stuck. They’re an invaluable resource.

  47. Donna says:

    Hello.Thought I’d add to your fine post that if live instruction is not available, consider video tutorials as the next best thing. Hope this helps 🙂 Take care. Donna

  48. Craft can give such joy, today I knitted a sweet baby’s hat for my hairdressers baby soon to be born. Didn’t take long at all yet the satisfaction from creating something yourself is neat.

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